Making the Shift from Modeling to Social Media Fame with Gabriel M Padilla

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Get to Know Gabriel M Padilla

To Gabriel M Padilla, a model turned influencer and entrepreneur from the small town of Grants Pass, Oregon, Los Angeles is truly a city where anything can happen!

When Gabriel made the bold move out to LA, he was only 18 years old. He had a strong desire to make something out of himself there in 2015. However, the modeling path is not always the easiest. Starving models and actors in Hollywood typically conform to stereotypical gigs such as bartending or waiting tables to make ends meet. Gabriel actually experienced that and had a funny Kardashian story to go along with it!

After two years of being signed to three different agencies in three different markets, Gabriel knew the modeling industry was rapidly fading from prominence, and the modeling career path fading alongside it.

Fortunately for Gabriel, he knew exactly when to find his exit strategy from modeling. With the rise of social media, Gabriel was quick to realize that it was probably going to take over the modeling industry, so he did his best to keep up!

Four years ago, right around the same time that Gabriel began his influencer career, he met his Finnish girlfriend, Monica Landén in LA. With her help, this rapidly expedited his shift into the social media influencer space. Since Monica shares a passion for traveling, the couple ventured out together and started their journey as travel influencers.

The couple eventually got a new member of their family – Roxy, a Husky-German Shepherd mix who became a significant part of Gabriel and Monica’s travel plans together.

Gabriel truly is a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy; always finding opportunity to make an impact wherever he could! He successfully co-founded a company called a PPE subscription box company called Model Citizen which also provides value to the community with its 1-for-1 donation model, aiming to provide life-saving PPE to as many people as possible.

Advice from Influencer Gabriel M Padilla

Gabriel’s story has inspired many aspiring entrepreneurs. Through Gabriel’s bold shift, he was able to achieve many milestones that defined success. For instance, before he met his girlfriend Monica, Gabriel’s living conditions weren’t the most ideal. He had four roommates in a cramped 2-bedroom apartment right in the center of Hollywood.

However, Gabriel had a fair share of perseverance in his heart. He shares his biggest lesson, “you will only achieve a level of success according to the amount that you’re able to visualize it”. Whenever he reaches anything in his life, he questions how to take it further and up a notch. He essentially pushes his boundaries to the limit!

With Gabriel’s success, he was able to achieve a well-balanced millennial lifestyle – his own apartment in LA with Monica, having the flexibility of freelancing and working from home, and being able to travel with his girlfriend at his own pleasure and convenience. He is truly living the dream!

For many who aspire to live a similar flexible lifestyle, it’s not going to be an easy road, but it’s surely not impossible. Gabriel advises to follow your dreams and learn to mute others’ unwanted opinions. Because everyone has a different journey to success, you should be comfortable with where you stand in your career.

As Gabriel says, “You don’t need all of your ideas to work, you just need a few or maybe even one!”. Also, it is important according to Gabriel to grab every opportunity that comes by you, say yes to everything that comes your way. That is exactly what he did, and it has certainly worked wonders for him even when the road ahead appeared rocky!

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