How Two Sisters, Pinar and Songul Got Their Start and Ultimate Success in Beauty


Get some exclusive insights from Pinar and Songul, the dynamic duo behind the success of MagniSkin. With their experience in the beauty industry and passion for non-surgical skin treatments and innovation, The sisters founded Magni Skin, keeping in mind their vision to make effective and ethical beauty treatments accessible.

Growing up they both believed in taking the traditional route of attending University and going on to secure a stable 9-5.  Pinar was pursuing a teaching career whilst Songul pursued a career as a project manager in the business industry. After working in the corporate world for a couple of years, they realized the respective career paths were no longer fulfilling professions that they wanted to progress in and decided to follow their passions and dreams.

This is an enormous feat that has of course come with its challenges and rewards. As sisters turned business partners, Pinar and Songul describe their non-stop grind as a 24/7 drive, coming up with new ideas and helping to support each other to build a successful brand, serve their customers and make their dreams become a reality.

Pinar and Songul basically fit the mold of the model entrepreneur unafraid to go all-in to achieve success. These women will roll up their sleeves and get involved in every part of their business to learn and grow as business owners in the beauty industry. From performing uniquely tailored treatments to administrative work and many other responsibilities that subsequently arise, such as social media management, website building, processing orders, and making bookings. They both wear all the hats in their business and lead by example which is so inspiring as they pave the way for other young women in business.

It’s no surprise that their hard work is truly paying off. Magni Skin was established in the Summer of 2019 and has already become the ultimate London destination for those pursuing the perfect skin.

Alongside their beauty salon where you can receive world-class treatments they also own the Magni Beauty Academy where they provide courses to aid women in starting their journeys as beauticians.

This insatiable drive and go-getter attitude are at the core of MagniSkin, their brand which is catalyzed by one main thought… The Golden Rule! Their driving principle in business is to serve you and treat you to an unmatched experience with inimitable results. It is this approach that has helped them consistently grow as a brand on and off social media and the reason why, till this day, they remain passionate about educating women on the complex and significant process of skincare and beauty treatments, and committed to educating, mentoring, and supporting other entrepreneurs.

We hope this article has inspired you to keep making money moves, doing great things. Always pivot and adjust to what the market bears, one foot in front of the other, and keep serving people through your business. Follow MagniSkin on Instagram to follow their journey.