From Party Boy to Multi Millions: Brandon Nguyen and His Ecommerce Business, YENGUB

Brandon Nguyen
Brandon Nguyen and His Ecommerce Business, YENGUB

At the young age of 22, Brandon Nguyen is beating the odds.  Over the past three years, he has generated over 15 million dollars in income and all through his eCommerce business, Yengub.  For someone who has manifested so much success and in such little time, it leaves one to wonder how he got to where he stands today.  

Brandon’s Background

It was not always this way.  Nguyen actually grew up in a lower class family to immigrant Vietnamese parents who struggled to make ends meet but always persevered to support their family.  Young Nguyen who was twelve at the time often pitched in to help with the financial responsibilities.  He was bullied in school for his scrawny stature and struggled to fit in.  Fast forwarding to years later, he entered college.  However, he struggled academically and his grades plummeted.  He ended up with a 1.2 GPA.  Instead of late nights studying, he was out partying, drinking, and immersed into the virtual world of social media.  Looking back in retrospect now, Nguyen quotes it as “hell looking back”.  After his first year, Nguyen decided to call it quits.  Like the majority of college students, he was no stranger to student debt.  Weighing heavily on his bank account, he left college with close to zero dollars and twenty thousand in student loans.  He felt that he had hit an all-time low.  He felt angry at himself and downtrodden and at a complete loss as to what to do.  As it turns out, the summer following his decision to drop out would end up being imperative to his impending success that unbeknownst to him at the time, would soon come to fruition.  

Nguyen was desperate.  He did what many do in times of distress: consult Google.  He typed into the Google search engine, “how to make money online.”  Precisely in that moment is where he became acquainted with eCommerce and little did he know that it would be the answer to what he was so fervently searching for.  

Brandon’s Challenges

It was not easy at first nor did it all fall into his lap from the get go.  The next year would have its share of challenges.  There were lapses in time where his business seemed to slow to a standstill.  However, he felt passionate about it and remained focused and driven.  He would spend close to fifteen hours each day dedicated to building his eCommerce business platform.  Ultimately, once his first year was over, his bank account hit the million dollar mark.  

It’s Not Luck, it’s Hard Work

Nguyen knew he was one of the lucky ones.  The average eCommerce business takes between three and four years to really establish itself.  Nguyen on the other hand, did it in a year. The following year was even more profitable as he scaled up to ten times the amount of the first year.  Now in 2021, he’s heading past fifteen million.  

As lucky as Nguyen is, it is not luck to accredit.  Rather, Nguyen’s success is a testament to his focus.  As he initially delved into eCommerce, he cut out his bad habits.  His drinking and party days were long gone and what was left was a new and improved Nguyen.  “I don’t play videogames, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I don’t spend too much indulging in things that don’t contribute to success in business,” he revealed in one interview.  He went on to correlate his focus with his success as being amongst the distinguishing factors that have boosted his success and set apart from both his peers and other competitors in the industry, “ I think I am very focused compared to most in this industry which are why I’ve been able to massively succeed while others that started the time I did are still figuring it out.”  

It’s been a long road for Nguyen and he has made it so far.  From party boy to a successful eCommerce entrepreneur, he is making a name for himself.  To keep up with what’s to come from Nguyen, check out his social media handles: YouTube, and Instagram.