From Niche To Mainstream – With The UK’s No1 Growth Specialist

Taking his experience and success to the next level: Marketing mastermind Ross Alcock.

Ross Alcock has played a vital part in a variety of renown brand’s paths to glory. Now he is set to walk his very own. The marketing pioneer is moving from one success story to another – taking it to the next level. 

Alcock gained notoriety in the world of marketing and social media working alongside ‘Britain’s Best Boss’ Lee McAteer. With the Invasion Camp Group, he played a pivotal role in the creation and growth of a number of now well known brands. It’s his talent to take on organizations that cater scenes, such as WrestlingTravel who bring UK & European fans of the sport to major American live events, and deliver significant growth.

The duo also gained global attention for turning the group’s office into the world’s largest adult ball pit, with over 200 million views all over the world. In 2019, Alcock gained mainstream traction again after giving blunt interviews on the BBC about the state of the United Kingdom’s wrestling industry. His opinion and charismatic delivery was shared by many.

Today, Ross Alcock is leading his own media agency. Ducking Media specializes in helping blue chip organizations and sports teams gain substantial traction in the key demographic (18-30) through social media. Alcock uses his experience and vision to increase the growth of well established organizations beyond their expectations, as well as transforming niche & scene conventions into major events. 

The pioneer and master of social media knows how to address target groups in their individual language and how thankful clients are, when finally offered the keys to the audience they are reaching for. Vice versa, that audience feels appreciated when requests are precisely met. Alcock sees a hundred opportunities for growth where some might think the maximum potential has been reached, or simply don’t know where to begin. 

His creativity and contemporary, rather visionary approach has gained him a name way beyond the borders of the UK. European Wrestling Fans will always associate his name with their dream of seeing a live event in the States coming true, after playing a major part in establishing WrestlingTravel. It’s these stories of making client’s and their target group’s dreams turn reality, that constantly inspire Alcock to go further.

We have absolutely no doubt, that Ross Alcock is going to turn Ducking Media into his masterpiece, writing many more success stories with his clients.