Creative genius and CEO of Alux Brands Charlie McCoy on the future of Collaborations

Charlie McCoy
Charlie McCoy

Charlie McCoy is a seasoned entrepreneur and this proved true with the creation of his CPG company, Artisan Luxury Brands. Headquartered in the Lower East Side of Manhattan at 254 Broome Street, Artisan Luxury Brands is the parent company of McCoy’s barber shop and salon, e-commerce businesses.

What allows Artisan Luxury Brands, affectionately known as Alux Brands, to function seamlessly aside from McCoy’s intellect is its media group of six individuals and the aid of six outside agencies. “Collaboration is the Key ” quotes McCoy. With these resources Artisan Luxury Brands has been able to construct critical marketing strategies that support its YouTube channel, product catalogues, partnerships and more.

From his Lower East Side headquarters in New York City, Charlie has been able work with celebrities like Spike Lee for his Agency and Keenya Hill for his Haircare brands. He has also been able to work with brands like VH-1 and Warner Brothers on Media Production Projects. Each Month Charlie’s General Manger William Rodriguez collaborate with local musician, artists and chefs to host Art Shows and Community Events at his Duplex Gallery on Broome Street. Using Culture to enhance these marketing channels and promote goodwill towards all the brands and the verticals is the name of the Alux Brands game. ” I believe in leveraging agencies that align with our ethos while internally, having cross-functional, multi-disciplined teams along with strategic collaborations and brand partnerships to growth an enterprise” says Charlie. He believes this is how companies will grow moving forward and he’s leading a new wave of African-American business titans.

Artisan Luxury Brands’ verticals consist of fifteen lines of revenue as well as five separate businesses that operate in New York City, Miami and Chicago with global sales. The CPG company gets its tagline “the dopest creative agency in NYC” from its CEO’s confidence in his team and himself to make the impossible possible. During the pandemic, McCoy and his team got to work and with each of their skill sets and their grit they were able to ride out the hurdles that Covid-19 brought. From creating content on the company’s YouTube channel that consists of business advice amongst many things to written and other digital content on other platforms, the Alux team got to work.

What held Artisan Luxury Brands together in 2020 was McCoy’s mindset. Living by the old saying “the world is spinning everyday and if you’re not moving forward you’re standing still,” is what pushed McCoy to succeed and his team as well. McCoy simply wanted to focus on moving forward regardless of the uncertainty of the world and that is what he did, which is what allowed his company to make it to 2021.

Artisan Luxury Brands was bred from a maverick, a contrarian thinker and that is what makes it the dopest creative agency in New York City.
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