Anthony Nuara: Every Day is my Birthday!

Anthony Nuara

You must be very excited, willing to take up new challenges and have the optimism to see every day as your birthday. Anthony Nuara feels like this is a key to unlocking new ideas and managing all of his companies.

Anthony Nuara is the CEO and founder of Freedom Power Solutions, which is a solar company; a founder of a community of investors called Freedom Investing; a founder of Freedom Water Solutions, a water purification company; and Amazon Freedom, a powerful Amazon Automation company. He started with $1000 at age 25, and at 31 years old, has now amassed 8 and 9 figure companies.


He was a part-owner of a business at 21 and got to see the ins and outs up close and personal. He got comfortable in the sales industry at 25 then had a key turning point moment. In the prime of his life (age 25), he had $1,000 in his bank account then decided to risk it all and start one of his companies.

Nuara starts most tasks with a can-do attitude, as we were taught in kindergarten, “You can do it!”. For Nuara, it is a fundamental part of his daily self-motivation, believing in himself 110% and encouraging others to believe in themselves too. If he’s excited and growing- then you are too, and if you are, then you are affecting your environment with that same self-belief. He is the start of the snowball effect: even within his businesses, he believes in investing more money in people enabling them to become their best selves.


Being an avid thinker and problem solver needs some levelheadedness. Anthony Nuara poses a challenging emotional intelligence question, “if you can’t manage your emotions, you won’t go far in life. When was the last time you did something smart when you were very angry?” Responding to that is what keeps his head on right and his ability to lead his many companies that are all dipped in the environment and better processes in some way.

They take on new lucrative contacts and apply the same value to them by under-promising and over-delivering. It’s better to broach the situation knowing exactly what you can do, then add the extra sprinkles and candles where possible.

Personal life

Thinking about the birthday effect and fun in life, Anthony Nuara shares a funny anecdote with his girlfriend. They were taking a bath together in a small baht tub and for some reason, his bowels would not contain themselves, he kept passing gas and all they could do was laugh at the bubbles! With the strenuous balance of multi-million-dollar companies, we all need a laugh and sometimes need to relax and release.

Freedom, peace, and growth are his core values, and he protects that when possible. Giving just enough time for his business and allocating undivided attention to his family, friends, and girlfriend.


The best feeling is when Nuara looks back on the thousands of client emails he has received over the years thanking him for helping change their lives. He has plans of going into real estate hedge funds and will be applying the same principles there.

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