A Day in the Life of Naor Yazdan, Social Media Fitness Model

Naor yazdan

Every aspiring successful person wants to know the secrets to success, and they are usually in the daily routines people have. Fitness model, Naor Yazdan, has a routine of his own that has helped him earn the success he has today. With a successful fitness business and active social media accounts, Yazdan fills his day with a balance of work and leisure time. For him, the most critical aspect of his schedule is ensuring he has plenty of time with his girlfriend and his dogs and enough time to score a great workout in the gym after finishing his work for the day.

After nearly a decade in the fitness industry, Naor Yazdan has earned himself a place among some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet. As someone who values family, commitment, and hard work, his daily routine reflects on that, allowing ample time for business and pleasure. Here is a typical day in the life of a fitness model, Naor Yazdan.  

Yazdan wakes up early in the morning to ensure he has enough time to start his day on the right side of the bed. He cleans up, washes his face, and begins his work right away. He enjoys getting to his clients right away, as he has over 4,000 of them that he helps daily. Replying to emails and assisting clients also does take time, which ends up taking most of his morning to handle work-related tasks, but he would not start his day any other way. After all, his clients are the reason that he is where he is today in his career.  

After completing his work for the day, Yazdan signs off and goes to the gym. He puts in a good workout session and makes sure to push himself to the limit. He is always focused on working harder than he did the day before and being the hardest working one in the room. It is part of what has allowed him to achieve his worldwide success and part of what helps to motivate his followers and clients who are on their health journey.

Post-workout, Yazdan will clean up and then return home, where he has time to spend with his dogs and his girlfriend. He enjoys family time and values time more than anything else in his day. Some activities they do together are visiting the beach, watching movies, or hanging out with friends in town. He also adores his dogs and loves spending time with them every chance that he can get. One of the happiest days was when he adopted his dogs and brought them home for the first time. For him, family time is a significant priority, and his successful business has allowed him to have ample time for maintaining these vital relationships.

You can usually find Yazdan checking on last-minute items and spending an evening surrounded by friends and family. For Yazdan, it is all about balance and cherishing the time that he has in a day. In a few years, he sees himself doing the same things, but with more success and a family of his own. For him, his business was all about having the money and time for his own family goals and interests. He has undoubtedly earned himself a balanced daily routine over the years that anyone would be jealous of!

To see more of Naor Yazdan and what he does in a typical day, be sure to follow his social media accounts. He regularly posts on Instagram and Facebook, sharing anything from his workouts to his family to the places he travels.