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Royal Goats Club
Royal Goats Club Logo 2022

The Royal Goats Club (“RGC”) began as an exploration into finding faster and smarter ways to make cross-chain transactions when a few friends were frustrated with the limited tools for Web3.  However, after several nerd-out sessions, three seasoned entrepreneurs found a market need. The three founders (Shuja, Nadeem, and Ray) envisioned a communal place in Web3 where the technology would be available to everyone.  

With a focus on harnessing Web3 ethos in every aspect of their club, RGC has focused on community and trust-building from day one as the developers are hard at work with the marketplace.  The first step was to assemble a great team and find a community to help drive the design. Next, RGC harnessed the power of its supporters to name the marketplace currently under development by the software team.  Later in 2023, RGC will be releasing early access to The Royal Chest NFT Marketplace.

RGC’s Web3 strategist, Aaron Vick, notes,

“Web3 ethos is woven throughout the entire Royal Goats Club plan from the community building, marketing, and development.  Tenants such as authenticity, accountability, transparency, and distributed architecture have been carefully considered to bring a holistic experience to NFT founders, collectors, flippers, and enthusiasts. The real-world features baked into the future marketplace have been ideated to create a better Web3 experience individually and communally.”

Royal Goats Club Utilities

In anticipation of launching their community-driven marketplace later in 2023, RGC is rewarding early community supporters access to an Ethereum-based, generative NFT PFP project launching soon. Various rewards are planned like airdrops for holders of the Royal Goats Club membership pass in the form of an NFT. Additionally, an anticipated Royal Weekend Retreat in the Bahamas is being planned.

Shuja Pakhliwal, a crypto enthusiast and CEO of RGC, believes the decentralized blockchain architecture is a foundation for the next internet, the future.  After struggling with attempting cross-chain transactions and long delays with bridging, Shuja went on a mission to explore Layer 2 blockchain solutions that streamline growing pains with navigating Web3.  “We are at a critical juncture in building the early Web3 framework. We must be thinking forward about providing adequate scaling as our Royal Goats community and, really, all of Web3 grows in population,” said Shuja. “Yes, we are building for the future, but we are bridging Web2 to Web3 in the process. Our community will be pillars of how our marketplace takes shape as an onramp to Web3.”

Some of the most anticipated abilities of the marketplace will be faster cross-chain transactions when purchasing via The Royal Chest NFT Marketplace and the Royal Score. The Royal Score will provide users the ability to differentiate projects using scoring mechanics and AI that is currently under development.  The goal will be to bring an additional layer of trust when making decisions to purchase on Web3. Other features are being vetted with a focus on expanding utility for both the NFT founders and collectors. 

Future marketplace updates will be announced following the successful mint of the Royal Goats Club NFT. The RGC team continues to build a brand and community based on five main pillars: Authenticity, Transparency, Value, Clarity, and Traction. Currently, RGC is accepting entries for their Royal List providing early minting access for early supporters.

To learn more about Royal Goats Club, be sure to follow them on social media @RoyalGoatsClub