WhatIF Foods Revolutionizes Sustainability with BAMnut Milk and Regenerative Agriculture

Beginning this April, 2023, WhatIF Foods is strongly advocating a Better Better as part of its messaging to promote business practices that go beyond sustainability.

New York, NY–(Hexa PR Wire. – April 16, 2023)-Since their beginning, WhatIF Foods has been a food brand that’s dedicated to restoring and improving the earth’s health. As a planet-positive brand, they’ve strongly advocated for regenerative agriculture and business practices that leave the world in a better state than before. In celebration of Earth Day this upcoming April 22, 2023, they’re officially revamping their messaging to no longer settle for just sustaining the status quo. WhatIF Foods wants to lead the way in craving a Better Better. So WhatIF Foods asks everyone: “Why stop at “good enough” if we know that there can always be a Better Better?”

Through the mindful and intentional use of a hardy and regenerative crop found in West Africa, the Bambara groundnut, WhatIF Foods makes it possible for depleted and damaged soils to thrive again, while also fortifying already healthy plots of land. The BAMnut has allowed WhatIF Foods to reconnect to farming communities in West Africa by working together with them to grow the crop, which is ready for harvest in a mere 90 to 120 days. The shells that housed the nuts are then converted into biochar to be used as a natural fertilizer that moves carbon into the soil, improving its health and biodiversity.

WhatIF Foods Revolutionizes Sustainability with BAMnut Milk and Regenerative Agriculture
Photo credit: Heather DeSantis-Holmes, with permission.

Using the Bambara groundnut, WhatIF Foods managed to create better, healthier alternatives to two common items found in kitchens worldwide: plant milk and instant noodles. To put WhatIF Foods’ impact into perspective, simply switching to a cup of WhatIF Food’s BAMnut Milk every day for 1 year can save 447 showers-worth of water and reduce carbon emissions equivalent to driving 113 miles by car. WhatIF Foods’ BAMnut Milk is also the Better choice for people seeking out the best plant-based and vegan-friendly milk alternative in the market. Compared to other plant-based milk such as soy or almond, BAMnut Milk contains only three natural ingredients and is more nutritionally dense. Moreover, by encouraging the growth of the BAMnut, WhatIF Foods is looking at collaborating with 7,000 farmers in Ghana, to be present in 50 communities in this coming growing season compared to the previous season with just 25 communities.

Along with their message, they took an unexpected crowd to champion them and the Bambara groundnut. WhatIF Foods asks: do you know why Aliens love the Bambara groundnut? It’s simply because they want a healthier earth to rule in the future! Not to mention, Dinosaurs are obsessed with WhatIF Foods’ carbon-negative footprint, because in the end, the planet will be fine, it’s the people who’ll have to suffer. Lastly, they’re using the Bambara Groundnut to make healthier people that Zombies will delightfully munch on and hunger for more.

Following an exhibition at the 2023 Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California, which identified three major trends that will significantly impact the natural products industry, namely: Clean Ingredients, Mission Matters and Optimal Health. From their products to what they do to improve the planet, WhatIF Foods hits all three marks, cementing the brand’s position as a leader and major influencer in the industry. By advocating for a Better Better, more businesses within the natural products industry will hopefully follow suit to celebrate innovation, restore the planet and make it Better for future generations.

WhatIF Foods products can be purchased directly from their website and are also available on Amazon and in select retailers across the country. Consumers can enjoy WhatIF Foods’ BAMnut Milk in three different varieties, Barista, Everyday and Airy,, along with a bowl of instant noodles that’s a stark improvement compared to what’s typically available in the market.

This Earth Month, WhatIF Foods is also delighted to announce a number of promos and events that consumers can eagerly await so they can grab a taste of the BAMnut that even aliens, dinosaurs and zombies go crazy for.

On April 22, 2023 from 11 AM to 5 PM, WhatIF Foods will be holding its Go BAMnut or Go Extinct sidewalk sampling at Bedford Avenue and N. 4th St. in Brooklyn where people can try out some BAMnut Milk coupled with some cereal and a dash of good coffee. The following day, April 23, WhatIF Foods will be collaborating with House Of Yes for Love Fest where they will continue to provide samples to jumpstart your profession of love for our planet. Finally, this whole Earth Week, the WhatIF Foods website will offer a “Try Them All Bundle” that includes one NoodBox, a carton of Airy, Everyday and Barista BAMnut Milk, a pack of BAMnut Only Noods and a free tote bag for the low price of just $32 with free shipping.

Join the movement for regenerative business and agriculture and share your voice in normalizing not just settling for sustainable business. Just like WhatIF Foods, the world should aim for a Better Better to create a Better future. In all its essence, WhatIF Foods wants us to dream beyond simple sustainability.

Chris Langwallner, WhatIF Foods’ Co-founder and CEO sincerely shares his intention of pursuing a Better Better in his statement:

“It’s simple. I want to leave this world better for my kids – and their kids! And that takes radical honesty and optimism. Incremental change won’t do. We can’t just kick the can of “sustainability” down the road anymore. WhatIF Foods is our chance to reconnect with and empower farmers and their families, revitalize soil in degraded lands, and put people’s health and happiness over profits. And that mission is never complete. That’s ‘A BETTER BETTER.’ “

About WhatIF Foods

WhatIF Foods is a planet-based food company focused on earth-friendly, people-friendly ways to create healthy meals. WhatIF Foods is going beyond and creating “A BETTER BETTER.” A never-ending quest to push beyond sustainability and reimagine how we get our food. Their regenerative mission means food that’s better for our bodies, our soils, our planet, and farming communities. Their BAMnut Milk is not only creamy and delicious but is made with just 3 natural ingredients. WhatIF’s noodles contain 17g of protein and are available in 4 delicious flavors; all made with the regenerative Bambara groundnut, a legume that naturally replenishes our bodies and our planet. Explore at whatif-foods.com and follow @whatiffoods on IG and TikTok.


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