MarketSmiths Announces Launch of Content Catalyst™

New York, New York(Hexa PR Wire–October 5, 2023)

MarketSmiths, a NYC-based copywriting agency that has been recognized in the INC 5000, is set to unveil its new integrated corporate content program, Content Catalyst. This initiative promises a solution crafted from the agency’s experience and insights, addressing a range of challenges in the content strategy sector.

“We created this groundbreaking solution in response to common pain points our clients have shared with us,” explains MarketSmiths founder and Chief Growth Officer Jean Tang. “We found that marketing budgets can be extremely siloed, meaning often one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. So while we were helping offload the busy plate of one marketer—the need for content support was running deep within the organization at large.”

The Content Catalyst Program:

  • Alleviates the headache of sourcing, vetting, and onboarding new writers completely

  • Provides a dedicated Content Strategist and trained team of writers ready to scale
  • Covers every type of collateral, from blogs and emails to landing pages and sales decks

  • Ensures on-point, consistent messaging across all departments and channels

  • Drives in-house efficiency, eliminating cross-departmental silos and duplicative efforts

  • Delivers premium writing and 35-point editing service at reduced bulk volume pricing

Find the Human Wavelength

With an emphasis on creative storytelling, MarketSmiths declared a “War on the Bland” and built a brand on the tagline “Copywriting for Humans®,” landing big name clients—like LG, DoorDash, MetLife, Pfizer, and LinkedIn. And with the rise of generative AI, brands need to claim the human wavelength to rise above the clamor.

“Where most agencies will tap freelancers, my writers represent the top 2% of candidates—all employed in-house,” Jean explains. “Most agencies funnel clients through an account manager, but here you have direct contact with your strategist, editor, and writers, so you can give feedback directly and they can ask questions to deliver exactly what you need the first time. “

She continues, “Uniquely, our writers come from a variety of backgrounds with deep experience that cuts across sectors and content formats. And we’ve got the content management process down to a science with kickoff meetings and the industry’s most rigorous 35-point quality control system.”

Declare a War on Bland—while ensuring your content production is efficient and ready to scale.

Prioritizing the Human Touch

In a digital era dominated by AI-generated content, MarketSmiths stands apart with its commitment to genuine human-driven narratives. Their approach, “Copywriting for Humans®,” advocates for content that resonates with authenticity. Tang elucidated the agency’s philosophy, highlighting their internal team’s flexible capabilities and the value of direct communication with clients.

Strategic Efficiency: The Current Demand

Efficiency has become the marketing industry’s clarion call. MarketSmiths’ latest endeavor emphasizes adaptability and scalability, catering to businesses of varied scales and sectors. “The current landscape calls for more optimized use of resources,” said Tang, viewing Content Catalyst™ as an avenue to achieve this.

About MarketSmiths:

Having made its mark in the content creation space since 2010, MarketSmiths offers a blend of human-oriented storytelling and strategic solutions. Their contribution to the sector has been acknowledged, including notable mentions as a a Women/Minority Owned Certified Business, 2022 Business Intelligence Group “Agency of the Year”, 2022 Inc Power Partner, and INC 5000 recipient for the past three years.

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