Lil Beppo Releases Latest Single “Canada Goose”

Seattle, Washington(Hexa PR Wire–October 16, 2023)Lil Beppo, the 19-year-old rapper, has released a new track titled “Canada Goose“. The song has quickly made its mark, securing the #8 spot on the homegrown Irish charts after its music video debut.

About the Track

“Canada Goose” blends elements of drill and hip-pop with distinct traces of Irish culture. It has been noticed and appreciated, especially among younger listeners, despite varied opinions among music industry insiders.

Lil Beppo Releases Latest Single "Canada Goose"
Lil Beppo – “Canada Goose”, Photo credit: Lil Beppo, with permission.

Behind the Song

Discussing “Canada Goose”, Lil Beppo reflects on personal experiences and feelings of identity and alienation, both significant to his music-making process. He touches upon challenges relating to his heritage and the complexities of his identity, both of which influence the unique sound of his music.

Reception and Following

The song, while surrounded by conversations and debates, has garnered a strong following, particularly among the youth. Lil Beppo’s distinct sound, resonating with young listeners who seek alternatives to mainstream offerings, has contributed to this reception.

Lil Beppo - "Canada Goose"
Lil Beppo – “Canada Goose”, Photo credit: Lil Beppo, with permission.

Future Endeavors

While Lil Beppo is focused on enjoying the present moment, he acknowledges the possibility of live performances in the future. His current repertoire’s brevity makes him hesitant but remains open to the idea following more releases.


Lil Beppo’s engagements aren’t limited to solo projects. He has collaborated with industry figures, notably PacmanTV, known in the UK drill and rap music scene, paving the way for potential future collaborations with other prominent artists.

Contact Information

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