Nidah Barber Thrives In Chemical Peel Niche With Sought-After Signature Peels

Nidah Barber

As featured on Insider Beauty and Refinery 29, Nidah Barber changed how people perceive chemical peels by offering painless, convenient, and effective treatments for virtually any part of the body. As the founder and owner of The Peel Connection, the peel expert and professional aesthetician has significantly made an impact in the beauty industry, having served over 30,000 clients for over a decade. Her name and expertise are trusted by A-listers, celebrities, working professionals, and ordinary individuals. For Nidah, a chemical peel is more than just a procedure done for aesthetics; it is a life-changing experience in itself.

Nidah started her journey in the beauty industry in 2009 when, upon going through a chemical peel herself, she saw immediate results of her skin being brighter, tighter, and smoother. Since then, she invested in learning more about the chemical peel industry and realized that no other business concentrated on chemical peels alone, merely adding this service on top of their other offerings. So, soaking in all the information she could get about chemical peels, she took a leap of faith and opened her own business using a non-abrasive chemical formulation that ensures effective results for clients every time. Nidah then established her brand, The Peel Connection, and the rest was history.

Nidah is the brains behind the famous foot peel called SmoothPeel, a procedure sought after by models and celebrities. Throughout 11 years, Nidah has done over 30,000 chemical peels on her clients, a number no one else topples in the industry. The Peel Connection is the only specialized chemical peel business in the world, offering chemical peel treatments for legs, back, and foot, among others. With her extensive chemical peel education, Nidah specializes in hyperpigmentation, melasma, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

“There are no other places that only do chemical peels. They offer facials and other services. I only offer chemical peels. And I am the first company to offer a two-step professional home peel application to the public,” said Nidah. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Nidah was among the business owners who fared amid the challenges. With most of the beauty industry restricted from operating, Nidah had to come up with innovations to keep her business afloat. At first, she began bottling her chemical peel formula so people could perform the treatment themselves. Eventually, she offered her game-changing two-step layered home peel application, giving clients the opportunity to have the treatment in the comfort of their homes. 

Over the next couple of years, Nidah aims to scale The Peel Connection into a nationally-recognized chemical peel company and destigmatize chemical peels by offering a more holistic approach using moderate percentages of chemicals in her formulation. In addition, Nidah amplifies that chemical peels don’t have to be very aggressive to accomplish great results. “My tip is to always start with the least invasive product on your skin. Chemical peels are a great way to get results without causing trauma to the skin,” Nidah explained. 

Asked what she can impart to aspiring entrepreneurs, Nidah said, “I believe the key to my success is believing in what I do and always knowing there is more to learn. When you are open to learning more things, we can only progress and get better. If you can make a person’s experience and result better or are constantly finding ways to do so, there is no way you can lose, especially if you are willing to work at it.”