How Net Kohen’s Innovative Platform LinkMe Is Upgrading Networking to a Whole New Level

Net Kohen

Over the years, the world has become more reliant on technology for most activities; everything from shopping to communicating has a corresponding app. Even building connections is predominantly made online. While this setup has allowed for a more convenient process, it also has its downside. Primarily, with so many networking sites available, it can be pretty challenging to keep up and maintain all of them. Cognizant of this, one innovative enterprise came up with a comprehensive solution – LinkMe.

The intuitive venture is making waves for its brilliant solution of consolidating networking platforms in one location. At the same time, the application comes with all the essential elements found in most social sites, therefore giving users a seamless and simplified experience.

At the helm of this incredible brand is tech entrepreneur Net Kohen. He is an inspiring young man who has been working in the industry since he was still in high school and is most notably known for establishing NXTGEN. Now, the 22-year-old visionary based in Miami, Florida, serves as LinkMe’s CEO and co-founder.

Using his extensive experience and unrivaled expertise in the tech space, he has developed the app to have a user-friendly interface while ensuring that all necessary features are readily available. For example, its Shout feed algorithm allows people to easily broadcast messages, images, and videos all over the world.

On top of that, it has a remarkable link-in bio option where users can share all of their social media profiles and other important links in one area. A direct messaging function is also available to help individuals connect and communicate without having to leave the app. 

With such impressive inclusions, the enterprise has undeniably fulfilled its vision of upgrading the networking scene. But aside from that, what makes the venture stand out is its outstanding contributions toward saving the environment.

As it turns out, 42% of wood harvested is globally to make paper. In that figure, a whopping 27 million business cards are printed every single day. This means that yearly, as many as 7 million trees are chopped down, which translates to losing almost six million hectares of forests to deforestation. By switching to LinkMe’s digital option, the need to cut down these precious trees will be significantly reduced. 

Because of its fantastic approach, well-thought-out system, and admirable advocacy, the brand has gained traction and is rapidly establishing its reputation as the world’s leading networking solution. As a testament to its success, LinkMe is used in over 180 countries. In addition, it has already reached more than one million followers on Instagram and has hit the top charts on the App Store several times. 

Moving forward, Net Kohen plans to continue scaling the success of his enterprise and eventually turn it into an IPO. But above all, he remains steadfast in his mission of creating an impact by providing people with a way to bridge the gap between all of their profiles and ultimately simplify how users are sharing their information.