Merali Media Continues To Take the Real Estate Industry By Storm 

Merali Media

Merali Media is quickly establishing itself as a number one option for real estate agents around the country. While it can be hard to stand out as a digital marketing company in a saturated industry, the professionalism, consistent results, and obsession with client experience that Merali Media offers have pushed the company to the top.

Merali Media’s success lies in the fact that they leverage advertising on platforms where the attention of most are. They use Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Google and YouTube to run ads, scout for leads, and book appointments with potential clients for their real estate agents. They go out of their way to make sure their clients get the most out of the leads they acquire, and Merali Media’s brand promise is a guarantee of results.

The Merali Media team does everything from setting up and managing real estate agents’ ad campaigns to getting on the phone with leads for qualification. Merali Media also makes sure their clients are set up for success by creating a personalized approach to every single campaign. 

This approach has certainly paid off. While the company is still only a few years old they have helped hundreds of real estate agents bridge the gap between a lead and a closed deal. They believe that in today’s world real estate agents need to look at online methods of lead generation to keep their pipeline full at all times.

“As a realtor you must know that leads, appointments and closings are always coming in for you,” says one Merali Media founder.

At the end of the day the success of every single realtor is based on the number of sales they make & clients they help. Merali Media’s goal is to help as many realtors close as many deals as  possible so they can live better. They know that realtors are much more effective if they have a team helping them fill the pipeline and set more appointments for them day in and out.

Merali Media started their journey running different e-commerce stores, but after being talked into helping some real estate agents with their advertising they realized that they could help realtors in a big way. Since then they have dedicated themselves to only working with realtors and have never looked back.

“We love helping people take control of their business and their life. There is no better feeling in the world than when you truly impact someone’s life for the better,” says another Merali Media founder.

Merali Media’s operation is based on the belief that while there are things you can do to leverage your business, ultimately it still requires effort on the real estate agent’s part to close the deal. That’s why they only like to partner up with realtors who are dedicated to their careers and clients. 

They also believe that every lead that opts in should not just be placed in an automated sequence with no personalization. Hence they create every sales funnel to showcase the realtor and position the sales funnel in a way to build familiarity, trust and admiration in their clients. 

Merali Media has used this method to create some remarkable successes for their clients with one real estate agent even making over $60,000 in commission within the first two months of work with the company.

Over the next few years, Merali Media sees themselves continuing to help average agents become top producers and to become an even higher authority in the real estate marketing space. For more information visit www.meralimedia.io and book in time to chat with them.