Fashion Nova’s Competition: Christopher Chong’s Giti Online

giti online

Christopher Chong created Giti Online in 2003 as a fun online store for free-spirited girls to show off their personalities. The first Giti store in Gainesville, Florida, became the center of current fashion. Now based in Miami, Giti Online has grown and achieved a massive amount of success. Chong shares how Giti began, his biggest lesson, and his most significant win in pursuing his fashion e-commerce platform.

Christopher Chong started Giti Online in a small retail branch in the Oaks Mall in Gainesville. His main goal was to create a highly fashionable store that offered affordable prices for younger adults in the college town. He didn’t expect the business to explode as it has, but he’s grateful for the success that they have amassed in just less than two decades.

When Chong reflects on his experience as a business owner, there are several lessons and memories that he fondly recounts. Christopher believes that the most important lesson he learned was how difficult it could be to start a business. As Chong remembers, it takes a lot of sacrifices. There were hard times when Christopher could have quit, yet he didn’t. He believes that people have to continue past a few months into starting, which usually becomes too discouraging for people.

To overcome the feelings of doubt that cloud up peoples’ heads, Christopher Chong says passion is the most critical aspect of a big dream, especially when starting a business. He believes that you will find a way to make the business work if you are passionate about something. He thinks that is what kept him going initially, especially when they were only getting one to three orders every week. Now, they have thousands of orders to fulfill!

Over the years, Chong has adapted his original business plan. When he noticed that new businesses were unable to keep up their inventory supply, he stepped in. Giti Online made the switch from retail to wholesale to help entrepreneurs start their businesses. Chong wanted to be a source of supply for new companies as they became the middle man, purchasing larger quantities of clothing so smaller companies can use their store as their supplier. This eliminated issues businesses encountered with ordering too many products. Often, too much investing, in the beginning, resulted in failures for small businesses. Christopher wanted to help smaller brands overcome this challenge.

Chong has been able to revolutionize Giti Online to become competitive with other brands, like Fashion Nova, by offering fast shipping and carrying more particular items. They also are one of the most extensive plus-size retailers online currently. Even with their success, they are always looking to expand and supply more products for their plus-size shoppers. Christopher believes that their willingness to diversify and constantly update their product selection keeps them popular and reliable.

Reflecting on the past two decades, Christopher Chong says his most considerable success is starting from nothing and ending where they are today. After overcoming many challenges and business alterations, Chong is proud of where his brand is now. Giti Online has a team of thirty employees, and they continue to grow. Even during the pandemic, they amassed great success and continued to see customer loyalty.

Christopher Chong and Giti Online have an active social media presence that users can engage with. To check out more news about their sales and promotions, feel free to follow, like, message, and subscribe to Chong’s brand. Currently, Giti Online has an Instagram account, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. For those interested in plus size clothing, be sure to check out their website at all for a vast selection of items!