Devan Leos: The Disney Actor Who Is Worth Over One Million Dollars


Devan Leos is a Disney actor who has been in the spotlight for being one of the wealthiest kids from his show, Mighty Med. If you aren’t familiar with that show, then you probably aren’t familiar with Devan Leos. But don’t worry. You can read more about him below and learn more about this young actor who is worth over one million dollars. We bet you didn’t know that most actors on television are millionaires, but if you think about it, it makes sense. The actors get paid per episode, and the film several episodes at once because they air multiple times per week. Curious to learn more? Please keep reading to see what we have discovered so far…

What is Devan Leos’ net worth?

We estimate Devan Leos’ net worth to be $1.2 million based on our research. This is based on his average earnings per episode of $8,572 and the number of attacks he has been in. We also factored that he has been in the business since he was a child. We estimate that he started earning money at about five years old with minor commercial roles. As he got older and got parts in TV shows and movies, his net worth increased. As he gets roles, his net worth will continue to grow.

How did Devan Leos make his money?

Devan Leos started earning money when he was about 10 years old and did commercials for Target, Microsoft, and other products. Over the years, he has made money from acting in movies and TV shows. When he landed the role of Alan in Mighty Med, he started making money from that show and any other projects he was involved in. As he gets new parts, his net worth will continue to increase.

Devan Leos’ co-star on Mighty Med, Bradley Steven Perry, has a net worth of $1.6 million. This surprises us, given that Bradley is one year older than Devan. Bradley has been in the industry since he was ten, so he has had more time to earn money than Devan. Bradley has been in movies like Alvin and the Chipmunks, the second Alvin movie, and the TV shows Modern Family, The Fosters, and Good Luck Charlie, among others.

How much does a Disney actor get paid?

We aren’t sure how much a Disney actor gets paid per episode, but we know that some actors get $100,000 per episode. The more the actor is worth, the more they get paid per episode. And the more attacks that actor is in, the more they get paid. While some actors like Leos are able to have their net-worth identified, many actors maintain secrecy under NDA agreements or by other means. However it is estimated on average that Disney stars make approximately $10,000 an episode on average!

Other ways Devan earns money: Public Relations

More and more actors are branching out and starting their own PR companies to represent other actors and musicians. If you have ever been to a red carpet event, you have probably seen a PR person representing their clients. Devan Leos is one of these actors who has done this and has established his own PR company. He describes his friends and colleagues who are also in the business. As long as Devan’s clients are making money, Devan will continue to earn money from his PR company.

Final words: Is he worth over one million dollars?

Yes, Devan Leos is worth over a million dollars. We have done our research, and we have come to this conclusion.

He has been in the business since he was young and has made good money from his acting roles. We estimate that he has earned $1.2 million; we expect this number to increase as he gets more parts.

If you are interested in a career in acting, keep at it. It takes time to earn a good amount of money from acting, but it is possible. All you need to do is get one role, and your earnings will increase.