Luxury Real Estate Broker Austin Bergman on Building a Solid Reputation in a Highly Competitive Industry

Austin Bergman

The luxury real estate business is one of the most competitive industries anywhere in the world today, with professional agents going out of their way to cater to the demands of A-list clients looking for luxurious properties to invest in. But A-list clients do not easily entrust their investments to any professional broker. They choose the most reliable, experienced, and skilled professional brokers there are in the industry, such as Austin Bergman.

Austin is well-known for his outstanding ability to promote and sell Fort Lauderdale’s exclusive offerings to many of the world’s wealthiest and most sophisticated luxury real estate investors and buyers. His exceptional sales abilities stem from his vast experience and exposure to the business amassed in a span of two decades. His success in the industry was made possible by his personal desire to be the best at what he does by keeping a keen eye on high-end real estate properties, studying market trends, and exploring new methods and innovative approaches to promoting and selling properties here and abroad. 

His 20-year professional career in the real estate business has allowed him to expand his network significantly across the world. Since 2004, he has successfully achieved $1 billion in sales, thanks to his unmatched commitment to exceeding his clients’ expectations. To win their trust and approval, he makes sure to listen to what they truly want – their dreams, long-term goals, and plans. In understanding these aspects of his client’s lives, he is able to offer them the best properties that have the potential to help them achieve their objectives in life. Another attribute that makes Austin one of the best in the industry is his commitment to giving his 100% until he gets the job done. 

Despite his current success, Austin does not rest on his laurels. Instead, he pushes himself to go further and discover new ways of pleasing his clients. “I just stepped away from a coaching company that has gotten me to where I am today. It’s kind of scary, but I just felt like I reached the end of the rope. I am ready for the next-level stuff, like next-level coaching. Sometimes you have to let go and get uncomfortable to grow,” he explained.

Consistency has been instrumental in ensuring Austin’s success as a professional luxury real estate broker. He was born into a family of entrepreneurs and has seen first-hand the values his relatives kept to succeed. He paid close attention to their best practices and improved where they were weak. He is where he is today because of the values that kept him grounded all these years. 

One of his motivations for pursuing a real estate career is simply to give clients a memorable and stress-free experience. As someone who understands the value of excellence, Austin does not compromise the brand of service he extends to his clients. To him, they are the most important element in his formulator’s success. 

“I purchased my first home at age 19, my realtor was not white glove service. I knew there was a better way to do this business,” he shared.

Florida is currently one of the hottest picks in the market and Austin is more than ready to take his journey to the next level by introducing the next big thing in the area to his potential buyers.